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Vespa wanted to run an awareness campaign and generate leads. In order to accomplish that we used a Rich media creative named as Spin the Wheel Concept. The campaign targeted people interested in automobiles while the Geo was PAN India.
Vespa wanted to generate leads and spread the awareness about their product by targeting young adults between the age of 18 - 45 years. The campaign ran in various websites that has more viewers and visitors that will help us in delivering the target given.

  • Campaign Optimization

    1. Audience Targeting
    2. Geo Targeting
    3. Quality Score on Website
    4. Client Report (Tracking Data)
    5. Campaign Analysis
    6. Checking Link, Landing Page, & UTM
    7. Placement- 90% + ATF (Above The Fold) & BTF (Below The Fold)
    8. Creative Performance
  • Campaign Execution

    1. We used the campaign to generate leads by targeting both male & female, 18 - 45 years.
    2. The client expected to generate 5000 - 10000 leads and was exceeded beyond their expectation.
    3. Everything from audience targeting to campaign analysis, quality of the impressions, click through rate, and clicks delivered were tracked.

iAvatarz Branding Solution

     Spin The Wheel Bannner:

The Spin the wheel banner popped up on the screen of the user's device while opening the particular website where the campaign was.

The creative had an option to spin the wheel that came with multiple prizes that can be won by filling the form given to collect the prize.

Once the user clicks on the tab, the wheel rotated showing many options mentioned in it like Jacket, AMC, Scooter, Helmet, etc.

The wheel stopped and appeared with prize that the user won.

A form was shown on the screen, with various fields like - Name, Email Address, Mobile Number, City, and a user agreement check box

The user had to submit the form to claim the prize.


  • Impressions

    2.5 mn+

  • Clicks


  • CTR %


  • Leads


*(14X higher than the 0.24% industry average for mobile banner ads)