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iAvatarZ Digital: Work Of Par Excellence In The Digital Advertising Industry

“Journey of An Indian Origin Digital Marketing Company Delivering Novelty And Quality Since 2008”

  • Cost Efficient As Compared To Traditional Mass Media
  • Experienced Professionals To Innovate Media Strategy
  • Provide Proper Market Segmentation And Target Marketing
  • Best Creative Solutions & Client Centric Campaigns
  • Create Market Value, Brand Image & Brand Loyalty
  • Opportunity To Generate Additional Revenue
  • Prompt & Responsive Support Team
  • Safety From Suspicious Advertisers
  • Comprehensive & Convenient Real-Time Reporting
  • Enthusiastic Team Of Creative Individuals

iAvatarZ’s Innovate Invigorate and Accentuate

Bringing in creativity and building upon wiser solutions for advertisers and publishers by infusing user-centric digital media across all technology panels.


We introduce a curious and tech-savvy consumer to the world of Display Advertising also known as Banner Advertising that highlights a commercial message visually by an advertiser in the form of animations, content driven messages, logos and much more through specialized E-Mail Marketing, CPM, CPC and more.

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We excel in Mobile Advertising by creating a unique web to connect with consumers using mobile phones or tablets on an individual point that touches the chord through advertisements influencing decisions and on-the-go needs.

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Creating a buzz in town by providing brilliant visual content to advertisers, iAvatarZ has an efficient team working upon Video Advertising to give target audience an enhanced online experience that does leave an exceptional impact on decision making.

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iAvatarZ has broadened its focus in its marketing strategy by introducing E-mail Marketing to build upon a stronger bond between market audience and the advertisers. Through an extensive direct marketing process, reaching out to consumers through e-mails, promotional activities and other advertisements is a faster way to connect with target clientele.

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Display Advertising

We strive for better performance in digital advertising methods. we are experts in marketing brands on the web & make sure that you get value for your money through CPM, CPC, SMO, Email Marketing, etc.

Mobile Advertising

Our technological area is supported by a team of mobile advertising experts. They work tirelessly to provide our consumers the best consultation to expand their business.


ADZINTEXT is an Advertising Platform which works on text by scanning the text and finding the keywords thereby reflecting the ads on mouse over .This process also helps in keeping the contents clean and the increase in earnings mounting up.the get-up of the website is also maintained by ADZINTEXT which is the World’s 1st Multilingual In-Text.


We Turn Dreams Into Real Life Accomplishments…
Find The Key To Digital Marketing – Bring Your Vision To Life And Reach An Audience Globally.